• 3MT CNG fired Boiler
  • Thermic fluid heater gas fired of 4,00,000Kcals capacity.
  • Cooling tower 450 Ton - 3Nos.
  • Chilled water plant +0°C to +7°C 30Ton - 2Nos.
  • Chilled brine plant 50 Ton at -20°C - 1No.
  • Scrubber of PPH FRP with graphite coolers - 2Nos.
  • Multistage ejector with 1mm vacuum - 3Nos.
  • Multistage ejector with dry pump for high vacuum upto 0.1mm - 2Nos.
  • 30Nm3/hr high purity Nitrogen generator.
  • 380 KVA DG


Fully integrated ETP plant for both primary & secondary treatments with Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE) and stripper.


  • 18 reactor including 9 SSR & 9 GLR (with Teflon impregnated graphite condenser).
  • Capacity Ranging from 1KL to 4KL. Total Reactor volume is 60KL.
  • 2 Powder processing area with all AHU.
  • Vibro Sifter & Multi Mill
  • SS316 96 tray dryer GMP model
  • SS316 Centrifuge 6Nos.
  • SS316 48 vacuum tray dryer GMP model.
  • SS316 FBD GMP model 120kg & 300kg.
  • SS Tefzel Lined Nutsche filter 500lit
  • Glass lined MSGL RCVD 500lit 2Nos.
  • SS316 ANFD 1.6KL capacity.


Fully equipped QC/IPQC lab with Agilent GC (Headspace), HPLC, FTIR, UV. Auto-titrator and Single Pan balance from Mettler with all other Analytical instrument.